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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Cleaning Honeycomb Blinds

The first step is to create a mixture of high quality soap and water and to apply this mixture to remove dust, grease and stain from these items in the best possible way. It is advisable that you should not prepare a mixture with ingredients that would cause damage to these items within a short period of time.

It is advisable that you should wash them before they actually get into the inner parts of these items and they are dried up there. Before you actually wash these items with the help of mixture that you have already prepared, it is advisable that you should first apply a little bit of this mixture in another spot for testing purpose. You should then remove it from that spot with the help of a soft towel and then you should see if this type of mixture leaves any kind of mark at all.

Another way to remove dust and dirt from these items is to use a vacuum cleaning device as quickly as possible. It is vital that you should rub them gently with the help of this type of device and it is important that you should keep them in the closed position before you begin this type of process. This type of process allows you to wash these items and it also helps you to improve their functionality in the best possible way.

You can also keep these items in water in order to remove dust and dirt from them in an effective way. If you keep them in water for a long period of time, then there is possibility that you will be able to clean them within a short period of time. Once you clean them properly, the next step that you should follow is to hang them from the courtyard and that you should allow them to dry up as quickly as possible. In order to dry them properly, it is advisable that you should use a high quality dryer and that you should close the windows till these items are dried up completely.

Window Replacement Contractor

Get Many Quotes for the Job

Also, get some quotes specifically for window replacement. It is often competitive amongst contractors, so it is advisable to talk to many different businesses. In addition, be sure to get any and all quotes in writing to ensure that the deal remains after time has passed.

Look for Local Professionals

Try to find someone local to work with to help keep the costs down. Contractors who have to travel a distance may charge a mileage fee in addition to the construction costs. Also, this allows the homeowner to go to the business office to discuss the project or ask questions.

Find out When the Project Will Commence

Discuss how long the project will take. While the price may sound good, it could mean that the project can take longer to get off the ground. Keep in mind that with all types of projects of this magnitude, there may be some unexpected time delays. However, it is ideal to ensure the work is done well in a longer amount of time rather than a shorter timeframe with shoddy craftsmanship.

Ask for Referrals

It is also a great idea to ask for referrals from friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Someone who has recently had a window replacement would be the best person to speak to. If the same names keep coming up in conversation, that can provide the homeowner with some great insight as to who may be the best or worst contractor for the job.

Adding Plantation Shutters to Home

Energy Savings

Plantations shutters allow for air to flow freely through indoor spaces to keep homes cool. This ventilation helps to minimize energy bills by reducing the amount of cooled or heated air entering a room. The adjustable slats give you the ability to dictate the amount of natural lighting in your home. Opening the slats allows you to block direct sunlight but still get plenty of light. Opening the slats completely, on the other hand, can fill the room with light. This allows you to keep the heat and sunlight out of your home during the hot, summer months while keeping cold drafts out and heat in during the colder, winter months. By adjusting the slats to accommodate the seasons, you can regulate the temperature in your home and reduce the use of your air conditioner and heater to save money on your energy bill.


As you can adjust the slats to control the amount of light entering a room, you can also control your view and privacy. To have a full view of your surrounding scenery, you can open them completely. For total privacy, fully close the blinds or angle the slats downward. This allows you to block the view inside your home from anyone passing by. These accessories are customized to fit your home, your needs, and to accompany any design decor.

Increased Value

The crisp, clean lines provided by plantation shutters in a home add visual appeal, thus increase curb appeal and the value of a home. Not only are they versatile and less expensive than custom drapes, they can also be financed into the purchase of your home. This allows you to increase the price of your home. Built from natural wood, the maintenance and care for these window treatments are low when cared for properly. They are long lasting, durable, and easy to clean, unlike vinyl blinds.

About Accordion Shutters


The shutters are installed on the outside of the windows and are often the first line of defense against wind and flying debris and work like a shield for the windows. The shutters are shaped in such a way that they deflect wind away from the window and most flying particles also bounce off in different directions. Shutters normally come with additional locks that can also protect your windows from thieves and burglars as the window will have no accessibility, nor will it have any weak spots.


If you are building a house now, you may not like the way accordion shutters look or you may not want the additional work of having to open and close them every time a storm approaches, so there are a few other alternatives. If you, however have already built your home and installed standard windows, replacing all of them with impact windows may cost too much. Accordion shutters offer the best kind of protection for the amount of money paid for them.

Ease of use:

THey are simple to use when installed professionally. There are a number of options on how to work them including manual, hand cranks, and even automatic shutters, controlled with just a button. The shutters can be removed off their tracks and kept indoors when not needed, doing this not only extends their working life, but also keeps it in good working order. When they are off the rails, it is recommended that they be kept away from moisture and all joints and moving parts cleaned and lubricated.