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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Right Material For Window Frame


A much better choice when it comes to insulating your home because it manages to keep warm air in and cold air out. The insulation value of wood cannot be ignored, but it comes with more maintenance requirements compared to other materials such as aluminum and vinyl. It might not be a very good choice for rainy and extremely humid areas because it is prone to retaining moisture and rotting but with proper treatment this is something that can still be kept under control. Wooden windows tend to give your home that traditional classic and timeless look, something that many homeowners love about the material.


It might not be top performing when it comes to heat loss and transfer, but it makes a very practical material for humid and rainy climates. It can be the perfect choice for your coastal home, but it might not be a very good choice for those looking for energy efficient homes. This material is strong and durable too, so you can have that in mind when weighing your window material options.

Wood clad

The exterior is usually aluminum or vinyl making the material low maintenance whereas the interior is wooden offering resistance to temperature transfer. The material is prone to water intrusion, but when installed with waterproof rubber membranes on the cladding this is an issue that can be reversed.

Must Pick Raised Panel Shutters

The popularity of raised panel shutters has been raised by its versatility to fit into any architectural design. Whether your house is Victorian, Mediterranean or contemporary, you can install the raised panel shutters and enjoy peace of mind and protection from the elements. The shutters don’t clash with the design of your property and will accent your colors.

Shutters add a level of attractiveness to your property and often the color is built into the material so they resist fading giving you sustained attractiveness and color throughout the life of your property. Both louvered and raised panel styles stand the test of time meaning that whichever you chose will never be out of style and will always lend stylish accents to your home. The charm and warmth that the proper shutters can add to your homes exterior will add a dramatic flair and curb appeal and can only increase your its value.

In today’s world most shutters are sold for their aesthetic appeal, but operable shutters can be effective in controlling the temperature of your home. Standard composite raised panel shutters have a Thermalite construction which is a perfect material for ensuring that indoor temperature remains constant. Cold draft will not penetrate into your house. Inversely, when the outside gets hot, it will be easier to keep the interiors cool, saving you a lot of resources that would have been spent on air conditioning.

Keep Sunlight Out

The main aim of using operable shutters is to keep sunlight out. If you wish to get extra hours of sleep, the shutters will ensure that light does not sneak into your room. Even at night, your bedroom will stay dark and cool. You can even alter the angle these shutters are positioned in an effort to control the temperature. This has been regarded as the best way to keep off light from a room.

Shutters are perfect for people who experience allergy issues. As opposed to using curtains or drapes, shutters are easier to clean. You only need to swipe with a piece of cloth or special material and your living area will be free of dust and other allergens. It is an alternative to materials that instead attract dust to your property.

Energy Efficiency

The right shutters will reduce the amount of money you use on energy in your house. The raised panel shutters ensure that your energy bill is as low as possible. Because they work as insulating shields they prevent hot or cold air from interfering with your internal environment. This makes it easier to maintain a constant internal environment. As such, the AC will not be overworked to keep you comfortable. They are also not as expensive as other options that are used for your windows. They are affordable whenever you buy or install.


The materials used to manufacture the shutters are durable and will thus not require replacement in years. You will only enjoy the durability advantage when you buy the raised panel shutters from a reliable supplier near you. Top varieties of shutters will last as long as your house will.

Shutters have also been used to raise the level of privacy in your home. Once they cover your window, it will be impossible to know whether there is someone in the house or not. Curtains and blinds will always reveal when someone is indoors and thus compromise your attempts to maintain privacy. The shutters are sold in stores around your neighborhood making them easy to access.

Clean Vertical Blinds

Here are the things you need to clean your vertical blinds:

carpet cleaning fluid or mild laundry detergent,

mild laundry soaker,

clean rags and a bucket,

a scrubbing brush,

a big tub, and

a stepladder.

To make cleaning so much easier, take down your blinds’ blades.

While you can clean vertical blinds in place, you will have a much easier time when you take them down and do the cleaning in the tub.

Use the pull cord in order to draw the blades together in one end of the guide. And then rotate the blades so they’re all in an open position.

Every blade is connected to the guide that is on top by a hanger. Release each blade by gently lifting it to unhook the blade from the guide.

When all blades are removed, carefully lay them on the floor so you won’t crease them.

Loosen dirt by soaking the blades. Using a washing machine is a bad idea, as the rough action can crease fabric and break the hooks off. Wash them in a tub of soapy water.

Fill your tub half full with cold water, add 1/4 cup of laundry soaker with no bleach. If the vertical blinds are very dirty, add liquid laundry detergent or carpet cleaning fluid to the mix.

Depending on the tub’s size, you could soak 4 or more blades at a time. When the blades are soaked for one hour, the dirt will have enough time to loosen.

Use a scrubbing brush for thorough scrubbing. For any stubborn spots, use a nail brush or a toothbrush to remove them.

While waiting for the blades to soak, you could clean the track system.

Make sure you prepare your work area from stains and spills. Spread old towels or sheets of news paper on your floor below the tracking system.

With a carpet cleaning fluid, moisten the track system then wipe it down with a clean rag. Do not spray anything into it so the lubrication in it won’t be ruined.

Install Shutters On Home


Quality shutters are a fixture, which can stay with a property for decades. Whether they are made of wood, vinyl, or metal, they will last for a long time. Furthermore, while blinds and curtains will fade over time, these window covers will hold up to sunlight for a greater period of time. If they do eventually fade, you can simply repaint them, rather than replace the whole set.


Just as these window covers hold up well against the sun, they also can help protect your house from inclement weather. Their installation can make any storm preparation much simpler. Simply close and secure the covers and your windows are protected from wind, hail, and even flying branches. If you live in an area that experiences major storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes, you can purchase sets that are specially designed to deal with winds over 100 mph. Many insurance companies will give discounted homeowner insurance if protective covers are installed on a property. Along with the weather, they can also provide protection against home break-ins as they create one more layer of security to the property.


When shutters are closed, they can help keep a house properly heated. The wood, metal, or vinyl of the covers acts as a much better insulating material than the cloth of curtains. This means your house will be more comfortable in any type of weather, and your utility bill will be lowered.


Window covers give the occupants of the home privacy from anyone walking down the street. Slatted types are especially useful, as they can allow sunlight and air into a room, while still providing privacy.