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About Accordion Shutters


The shutters are installed on the outside of the windows and are often the first line of defense against wind and flying debris and work like a shield for the windows. The shutters are shaped in such a way that they deflect wind away from the window and most flying particles also bounce off in different directions. Shutters normally come with additional locks that can also protect your windows from thieves and burglars as the window will have no accessibility, nor will it have any weak spots.


If you are building a house now, you may not like the way accordion shutters look or you may not want the additional work of having to open and close them every time a storm approaches, so there are a few other alternatives. If you, however have already built your home and installed standard windows, replacing all of them with impact windows may cost too much. Accordion shutters offer the best kind of protection for the amount of money paid for them.

Ease of use:

THey are simple to use when installed professionally. There are a number of options on how to work them including manual, hand cranks, and even automatic shutters, controlled with just a button. The shutters can be removed off their tracks and kept indoors when not needed, doing this not only extends their working life, but also keeps it in good working order. When they are off the rails, it is recommended that they be kept away from moisture and all joints and moving parts cleaned and lubricated.