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Clean Vertical Blinds

Here are the things you need to clean your vertical blinds:

carpet cleaning fluid or mild laundry detergent,

mild laundry soaker,

clean rags and a bucket,

a scrubbing brush,

a big tub, and

a stepladder.

To make cleaning so much easier, take down your blinds’ blades.

While you can clean vertical blinds in place, you will have a much easier time when you take them down and do the cleaning in the tub.

Use the pull cord in order to draw the blades together in one end of the guide. And then rotate the blades so they’re all in an open position.

Every blade is connected to the guide that is on top by a hanger. Release each blade by gently lifting it to unhook the blade from the guide.

When all blades are removed, carefully lay them on the floor so you won’t crease them.

Loosen dirt by soaking the blades. Using a washing machine is a bad idea, as the rough action can crease fabric and break the hooks off. Wash them in a tub of soapy water.

Fill your tub half full with cold water, add 1/4 cup of laundry soaker with no bleach. If the vertical blinds are very dirty, add liquid laundry detergent or carpet cleaning fluid to the mix.

Depending on the tub’s size, you could soak 4 or more blades at a time. When the blades are soaked for one hour, the dirt will have enough time to loosen.

Use a scrubbing brush for thorough scrubbing. For any stubborn spots, use a nail brush or a toothbrush to remove them.

While waiting for the blades to soak, you could clean the track system.

Make sure you prepare your work area from stains and spills. Spread old towels or sheets of news paper on your floor below the tracking system.

With a carpet cleaning fluid, moisten the track system then wipe it down with a clean rag. Do not spray anything into it so the lubrication in it won’t be ruined.