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Custom Window Treatments


Custom window treatments aren’t limited to just drapes. You can also get blinds designed and created just for your home. They are affordable, and can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. You can also have them made out of either wood or faux wood if you prefer, so you can enjoy hassle-free cleaning and the longevity of durable materials. Like with fabric drapes, you can have blinds coordinated with the existing décor of your home.

You may think that all blinds must be the same boring slats, and, therefore, would not fit an arched shaped space. However, custom fan and arched blinds are made to fit your windows perfectly, and are a good way to soften the space. Shutters are also a good choice if you want to block the light completely from causing damage to any interior items.


A final choice for custom window treatments is shades. These pieces combine the beauty of fabric drapes and the easy operation of a blind. You get the same choices when it comes to different fabrics, and the variety of liners will help control the level of light penetration. However, instead of fussing with opening and tying back draperies, you can simply pull the string and raise them like blinds.

Shades can also be easier to hang than draperies. With curtains, you have to mess with rods, brackets, and measuring two or three times to make sure they are hung correctly. Shades can come with pre-drilled head rails. You don’t have to do any of the fussing in order to get them hung properly.