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Fix Scratches on Windows

Check the depth of the scratch. Before you start doing anything to the window surface, you’ll have to determine how deep is the scratch, in order to know if it can be fixed. There is no sense in trying to fix something which can’t be fixed, after all. Most window cleaning professionals claim, that the easiest way to determine if the scratch is fixable, is to use your fingernail. If the tip of your fingernail can get caught in the scratch, than it’s most certainly too deep to be fixed in any way. In such cases the only thing you can do, is to clean the window with a regular glass cleaner. This will remove the dirt from the scratch and will make it look much smaller than it actually is. If the scratch expands and the damage to the window becomes too extensive, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

Use a glass polishing compound. If the scratch on your window passed the test and your fingernail didn’t get stuck in it, you can proceed to the actual task at hand. In order to remove the light scratch, you’ll have to use a special glass polishing compound. There is a wide choice, but I would recommend using one containing cerium oxide. It doesn’t cost too much, and it can be easily found in almost every hardware store in your neighbourhood. You’ll need to apply a small amount of this polishing compound to the scratched area, using a clean and soft cloth. You can also use a microfiber cloth, if you want. Then apply some pressure to the glass and polish the scratch thoroughly. This will help remove debris, dirt, scuffs and small scratches from the glass surface. Once you’re done, get a clean cloth and wipe the excess of the compound.

Apply a detergent. Once the scratch is polished with the special compound, you should apply some mild cleaning detergent, some mineral spirits or just some toothpaste to the crack. Then rub the entire surface of the scratch with the product you chose, using a circular motion and applying a light pressure. Doing this won’t make the scratch magically disappear from the window, but it will help remove residue and other deposits from it, which will make it a lot less visible to the bare eye. Then you should apply a regular glass cleaner and remove all the leftovers from the window surface. Once you’re done, you should notice that the scratch on the window is a lot smaller and almost unnoticeable.