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Information of Types Roller Blinds

Block out roller blinds: For those living in high sunlight zones, the complete block out roller blinds are extremely useful. As the name suggests, they will block the external light completely and therefore cool down the room considerably. You can also use it in areas where you need privacy like the bedroom, conference room, etc.

Translucent blinds: These types of roller blinds are relatively lightweight and made of a special fabric that blocks the light partially. This ensures that the room remains lighted even when you draw the blinds. Such blinds are ideal to be used in the living area where blocking the sunlight completely can be a bad idea.

Transparent blinds: These blinds are completely transparent and still work wonderfully when it comes to blocking the light from the external environment. Even when you draw them, the view of the external area is not blocked. Ideally, these curtains are used for protecting the furniture against exposure to sunlight.

Screen blinds: Quite similar to the transparent blinds, these curtains help in reducing the glare and controlling the amount of sunlight entering the premises.